Social Features

Featured Attendees

If you want to give visibility to guestsin your stream, you can mark them as "featured Viewers". This causes their profile pic to show in the app as shown above. Users can tap these users to view their profiles, and take any profile actions (like following). them.

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HotMic provides several ways to share your experience with your viewers. There are two "easy ways" that can work in a manner of minutes:

  • Share a HotMic link to a website
  • Have them use the HotMic mobile app

For most creators, we recommend providing your viewers a more integrated experience. By either:

  • Add HotMic to your website
  • Add HotMic to your mobile app (iOS or Android).
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Many social apps, including watch parties, have the ability for users to follow each other. HotMic also supports this in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. You can use HotMic's built in following system.
  2. You can use your own following system.

In either scenario, you can let users inside the watch party take actions like:

  • Viewers can follow hosts
  • Viewers can view upcoming streams of the hosts they follow
  • Viewers can view history of streams for the hosts they follow
  • Hosts can view followers
  • Hosts can message followers to promote upcoming streams
  • and more...