Custom Fields & Tags

Creators, producers, and administrators can use custom fields on streams for many usecases. They are flexible enough to allow you to do things like:

  • Filter the future or past streams in different parts of the app. For example:
    • Show NBA streams in a NBA section
    • Only show live or VOD streams in a different section
  • Create access rights to view a stream. For example:
    • Only TNT subscribers can view this content.
    • Only premium subscribers can see this content.
  • Track stream information from the creators to know what happened, and get reporting back.


There is always a default "Tags" field for creators to fill out as they like. They can add unlimited tags to a stream, and these are "free form", meaning the creator can set any tag they like. This is great for unstructured data or when an organization is unsure what field structure they want yet.

Custom Fields (Beta)

Custom Fields are in beta at this time.

  • Any org administrator can create custom fields for either:
    • Creators - These are good for things that apply to all creator actions and streams. (e.g. this user is a contractor from Acme Inc.)
    • Streams - These are good for things that apply to specific streams. (e.g. This stream had profanity or this was a NBA game).

Creating Custom Fields

When creating a custom field, you can select:

  • Field type: creator/stream
  • Field name:
  • Field label: (returned by the API, typically the field name without spaces)
  • Field type: options are:
    • Boolean (true/false)
    • Text
    • Number
    • Select (select 1)
    • Multi-select (select more than 1)
    • Date
  • Field Options: if your field type is "select" or "multi-select" then you must specify the possible options.
  • Is Required: true/false. Set this to true to force the creator to complete the field before ending a stream.

Completing Custom Fields

Once an admin has created custom fields, you can add them in the following ways:

  • User custom fields can be edited by going to the "Creators" tab and tapping "Edit" on the creator. You can see the user-level custom fields to complete.
  • Stream custom fields can be edited on the stream page by the creator. It appears in the "Custom Fields" tab.