YouTube and iOS do not work well together, due to limitations on iOS webviews, and the lack of native YouTube embed ability. When playing YouTube on iOS, you cannot play the host video at the same time. We recommend using our newer "Uploaded Video" feature whenever possible.

Please note that YouTube as a topic video is only available inΒ Easy Mode.

This article describes how to use YouTube as a topic video, in the background of a stream.

  • Simply click the Video tab to bring up the search bar.Β 
  • Once a selection is made the video player will convert into a PiP (player in player).Β 
  • Media controls are accessible by pressing play, as you take actions, the co-host and viewer will all be kept in sync. This includes:
    • Play
    • Pause
    • Changing the location of the video
    • Changing the volume of the video
    • Closing the player
  • Exit the video player by clicking the "X" button located in the top right corner.
  • The party who initiates the video is the one who controls the video. If you have a co-host, they can't change it while you are playing. this
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