Organizations & Users

Every HotMic account is an organization, and you can have multiple sub-organizations as a part of your organization.

Organizations can add multiple users, either:

  • Admins (typically producers or other kinds of admins)
  • Creators (also called Hosts, content creators, or broadcasters)

Adding or Managing Sub-Organizations

An admin can add a sub-organization inside their organization. Adding a sub-organization allows you to segment your team. Admins of a parent organization can manage the child organization, but admins of a child organization cannot see or manage the parents.

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Adding or Managing Users

If a user has permissions, they can add, edit, or remove other users in the "Users" section under "Producer Tools".

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The co-host role has similar permissions to a Creator inside a stream, but they are not necessarily added to the organization. Inviting a co-host to a stream gives them permission to that stream only.

To add a co-host to your stream.

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  • Click enter the email of whom you'd like to invite (up to 5 people)
  • Include an optional message, then have your co-host follow the link in their email. Its a fast and run through the 30 second sign up process!
  • Once you've invited them once, they will live in your Friends list for easy adding later!Β