HotMic makes it easy to create interactive video and shopping experiences. HotMic allows companies to offer reliable, high quality watch parties, to their customers.

Building interactive experiences is hard. You need to align many different elements, including video, audio, and interactive elements together. You need to ensure they are reliable. You may need to run advertisements, and get reporting and analytics. HotMic's powerful tools help you get this running quickly.

How HotMic Works

HotMic allows creators to create streams for viewers to watch and interact with, including.


More specifically, we have the following entities:

  • Organizations - These are typically your company.
  • Sub-Organizations (optional) - These are typically teams or sub-brands.
  • Organization administrators - These are typically producers or other administrators of themes.
  • Creators - These are typically those making the content on the streams.
  • Streams - These are what the creator makes, and consist of many possible elements. Creators can use:
    • Creator Audio/Video - Creators can themselves be present in a stream with audio or audio/video.
    • Topic Videos - This is background video over which a creator may be talking. For example a live sports match, a YouTube video, or video content from an existing library, or from a CMS.
    • Guest Audio/VideoChat -
    • Chat -
    • Polls -
    • Ads -
    • Products (Live Shopping) -
  • Viewers - These are the people watching a stream. Viewers can interact with the stream in many ways, depending on how the creator(s) have set it up. This can include:
    • Watching the combined topic video and creator video.
    • Chatting
    • Completing polls
    • Calling in as a guest
    • Tapping ads
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Quick Start

For most organizations/hosts, you want to get started in a few ways:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Configure your viewing experience for your viewers.
  3. Determine the features you want to use.
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