Custom Themes

You can control many font or color elements for viewers on the web or in the mobile (iOS & Android) SDKs.

Themes on the Web

When using the web, any organization can customize the following elements from the "Themes" menu. Each theme applies to the web only, but it includes:

  • Logo
  • Primary Color (for use with buttons, for example)
  • Default Break Slate (for creators)
  • Default Thumbnail (for creators)

Themes on Mobile SDKs (iOS/Android)

Right now, the color and font combinations can be configured in the SDK for most text elements. System UI elements used would not be affected by the themes you select.

Font Styles

There are the following options to configure:

  • Title 1
  • Title 2
  • Title 3
  • Headline
  • Subhead
  • Highlighted Caption
  • Highlighted Body
  • Body
  • Callout
  • Caption 1
  • Caption 2
  • Footnote

Here is a figma doc that shows their usage throughout much of the application. Note that colors are not set by the font style, rather the colors used are those set in your color theme. For example, the HotMic SDK uses your primary, secondary, or desaturated colors in places in the app.

Light and Dark Mode

Both iOS and Android support light and dark mode.