Creator Videos

The creator video can have from 1 to 6 participants. When setting them up, we give you 2 options: Easy and Advanced.

Easy Creator Video Controls (in browser)

Video Controls

When creating a video you can select a camera to show your video.

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Audio Controls

When a host changes the volume on the stream, it will adjust the volume in the stream, so your viewers can hear more of you, or more of your topic video, depending on how you adjust things.

Advanced Creator Video Controls (e.g. OBS)

While HotMic has a production studio that works right in your browser, for more control you may want to use OBS or a similar software tool to provide the creator video.

OBS Setup Instructions

  • If you are using 3rd party software to stream, you'll need to configure the RTMP output settings.
    • Its possible (although unlikely) for your RTMP settings to change, so if you you have any trouble connecting, please double check these settings.
  • After you have signed up for an event, you can find your RTMP settings on the Live Dashboard for that event.
  • Press on the My Dashboard tab at the top of the portal then select the specific event you signed up for in the Upcoming & Live Streams section . This will open the Live Dashboard for your event. Select Other streaming software, such as OBS (Advanced Mode).  

  • A dialog will open, and display the RTMP Server and Stream Key.
  • RTMP Server will differ depending on Nearest Location. 
    • US: rtmp://
    • Europe: rtmp://
  • Depending on the 3rd party broadcasting software, you may have to enter Username and Password for authentication into a specific text field.
    • In some cases the Username and Password are incorporated in the RTMP/Server URL (StreamYard).
      • US: rtmp://
      •  Europe: rtmp://
  • You can press the  button to copy to your clipboard.
  • These settings are to be plugged into your 3rd party broadcasting software. If you are using OBS, press settings at the bottom right, and select stream. 
    • Make sure you are entering the correct Server (US or Europe) into your 3rd party streaming software