Best Practices

Best Practices for Creators

If you are creating a stream, here are best practices designed to make your experience as good as possible in difference circumstances. Feel free to share this guide with your viewers!

YouTube Watch Parties: Notes for Creators/Hosts

If you are sharing a YouTube video with your audience, please note that what you are doing is basically remotely controlling that user's YouTube player from your app. While this is a great way to share content, the nature of YouTube has some limitations:

  • Users can override your settings, such as closing the video, changing the audio, or changing their location on the video away from the host.
  • Users may see different ads, banners, or other content.

YouTube Watch Parties: Notes for iOS Viewers

The YouTube player on iOS should work generally well. However, you may experience some stutters or minor issues as your YouTube player syncs with the host.

YouTube: Notes for Android Viewers

The YouTube player on Android only works well for users that join prior to the host starting the YouTube Player on their side. You can still see the host just fine! If you come into a stream after the host, and want to see YouTube simultaneously, the best way to do this is to open both the YouTube app and HotMic simultaneously, and then turn down the volume on YouTube.