There are 2 methods of serving ads to your users:

  1. Integrate with your Google AdMob account.
  2. Use HotMic Banners

Google AdMob

HotMic integrates with Google AdMob, which allows you to serve banner ads and monetize directly from Google. This is typically the best approach for advertisers who are already using AdSense or AdMob.

To use this with the SDK, simply pass to our SDK the GADApplicationIdentifier. This is a key with a string value of your AdMob app ID (identified in the AdMob UI). Here is what it looks like in your application with a test banner ad:

Document image

HotMic Banners

While HotMic Banners do not have all the features of a more traditional Ad Publishers (Facebook, Google), we do offer banners which can be a good way to run custom ad campaigns in your apps. A Banner is a display advertisement, pushed by creators, and is seen in-app by their viewers. 

Banner Requirements

  • 3:8 ratio Image, or 1242x466.
  • Destination URL.
  • Email associated with account.

Creators can submit these details in an email to   How do I use Banners? Navigate to the Live Dashboard for a specific event. Locate the Banner tab to populate available Banners.

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  1. Pull up the Information Panel by clicking on the i button.
  2. When you are ready to push the Banner to your audience press the  button. 

Document image

Document image

Notes The Chat panel will notify you when fans click on a Banner. Viewers that click your Banner will remain in the watch party without audio interruption. Monthly reports on conversions are provided to Hosts.