Adding Endpoints

Event Catalog

The Event Catalog shows all the event types available to subscribe to.

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From here, you can view the event definition–the shape of the event payload as well as what values you can expect to receive.

In addition, you can see an example payload for that event type.

How To Add

In order to start listening to messages sent from HotMic, you will need to configure your endpoints.

Adding an endpoint is as simple as providing a URL that you control and a list of event types that you want to listen to.

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When configuring your endpoint, make sure to take a look at the Event Catalog to see the full descriptions of each endpoint as well as all the fields they send.

If you don't specify any event types, by default, your endpoint will receive all events, regardless of type. This can be helpful for getting started and for testing, but we recommend changing this to a subset later on to avoid receiving unexpected messages.

Testing Endpoint

The easiest way to be more confident in your endpoint configuation is to start receiving events as quickly as possible.

That's why we we have a "Testing" tab for you to send example events to your endpoint.

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After sending an example event, you can click into the message to view the message payload, all of the message attempts, and whether it successed or failed.