2nd Screen Video

TV Sync

HotMic helps people have watch parties around a TV event. This includes:

  • Live sports
  • TV Shows
  • Movies

Typically when you have one of these events, you would be out of sync with the host due to timing differences in the broadcast.

HotMic's TV sync listens to the audio signature of the host video and the individual player audio to sync the timing of the host video with each individual player video. For a better experience, we recommend not watching events in complete real time and delaying by 10 or more seconds to ensure you can properly sync with the host/creator.

How to Use TV Sync

  1. Test your Stream by navigating to your events Live Dashboard page via the Dashboard tab.
    1. Two methods of streaming:
      1. Use Easy Mode in the Live Dashboard Setup if you wish to stream directly from browser. 
      2. If you are using a third-party streaming service, like OBS, select Other streaming software, such as OBS (Advanced Mode), then start streaming on 3rd party software.
  2. Once you see yourself in the Live Dashboard open the App on mobile device.
    1. Make sure you are signed in with the same credentials you use to sign into our website.
    2. Enter your event, and then tap the  button located on the bottom right of your video player.
    3. This will pull up the Sync button. (You must be streaming from 3rd party software prior to pressing this button)
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        1. Ensure that you are watching on the correct channel.
        2. Turn volume up on TV, or device you are using to view the event.
        3. Sync again.
        4. if problem persists contact support.
        5. Ensure you are watching LIVE.
      2. TV is behind
    4. Sync successful!